How to DIY a really cute
        high waisted mini skirt

        This skirt was so easy to make, it took me only an hour to cut, fit and sew. I used an overlocker and a basic sewing machine, a measuring tape, scissors, cotton linen mix fabric (but you can use any fabric) a zipper, a hook and eye clasp, and cotton thread. My second attempt was a bit neater than the first, but overall once you have made one that fits you, it would be really easy to customise - add pockets or use an invisible zipper and make as many variations as you like.


        This is a pretty simple pattern. It’s 4 pieces with seams on the sides of the legs and down the middle at the front and back. A zipper is placed at the back with a wasitband around top. A simple rolled or overlocked and folded hem.

        My favourite instagram creative Geneva from Collective Gen shared this article on how to sew a waistband which is an awesome guide. So go check that out first.

        For cutting, I think you can alter to fit your body shape. I have a skinny waist and lower hips than most people, so I find a lot of skirts baggy where the hips are and tight around the top of the thighs. So I cut my pieces to mirror my silhouette. I also like the drop to be sort of straight, not body hugging. It looks more classic. I don’t like a flared out bottom but this rough shape works.

        Side view DIY mini skirt


        • Firstly, you want to overlock or zig zag the raw edges on each piece separately for the middle seams. They will not be joined together, they will be pressed flat outwards (see top zipper photo example)
        • Straight stitch the front seam and then iron the two edges flat and outwards as mentioned above.
        • Overlock and sew the side seams and then pin the back seam half way up to where the zipper will be inserted.
        • Cut and iron the waistband according to the Collective Gen article 
        • Pin the waistband in place and try on the skirt to make sure it fits. This will be your last chance to adjust the fit.
        • Sew the waistband in
        • Sew the zipper in – the top of the zipper will be aligned with the top of the waistband if you use the Collective Gen method. Or you can add the waistband above the zipper and have a flap with a hook closure.